Because biodiversity and enviromental very important to support the life of people in the world. Therefore, we endeavor to raise the awareness people regarding the importance of conserving biodiversity and the environment . This is being done through environmental education, sensitization and community engagement.
  • Environmental education
    Environmental education is effective at changing people perception about biodiversitas and environmetal conservation in particular. We use outdoor activity approach to better engage students in environmental education activities.
  • Sensitization
    Sensitizing community about the importance of biodiversitas and reminding them about the law that protects them is a effort for Yayasan Kanopi Indonesia to mitigate the impact on biodiversity and environment. We organize focus groups, community talks and sensitization campaigns in and around critical habitats.
  • Civic engagement
    Not only do we want local people to be aware about biodiversity and environmetal, but we also engage the general public in cities and around the world so they can contribute as much as they can to the conservation activity.


Our partners from the community, university and academics, government sector, private sector, and NGOs