Integrated manajement

Yayasan Kanopi Indonesia is conscious about the fact that species-based conservation alone is not sustainable for the long-term management of biodiversity dan enviromental . Therefore, in addition to providing direct protection to our target species, we also endeavor to take into account the interests of local people and other stakeholders and work in close partnership with them to protect and restore habitats and mitigate anthropogenic pressures and their causes on the species. Hence, Yayasan Kanopi Indonesia works in close collaboration with the local communities and other stakeholders for a participative decision-making and implementation. Yayasan Kanopi Indonesia uses the following actions for the conservation of the biodiversity :
  • Protection: We provide provide training to the community to be able to perform simple species monitoring and protection in critical habitats.
  • Restoration: Tree planting on eroded watershed
  • Good local governance: Facilitating communication, transparency and decision sharing between local people and local authorities.
  • Community-based conservation: Our conservation approach is very participative. We work with local communities to protect their interests including ‘’their’’ biodiversity.
  • Alternative livelihood: Because we care about the community around our project areas, we do not just ask them to stop hunting or bycatching manatees and other marine megafauna, but we provide them with alternative sources of revenue such as bee farming and ecotourism
  • Advocacy: Some species such as not explicitely protected by the legislation of the countries where we have a presence. We are working to share data and discuss with government representatives to warrant the importance of protecting threatened species.


Our partners from the community, university and academics, government sector, private sector, and NGOs