We are involved in many program like

Conservation of mangrove ecosystems Segara Anakan area with collaborative and community-based approaches, Cilacap District, Central Java Province.

Sea turtle release program to support the preservation of protected and endangered animals on the coast of Sodong, Adipala District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java Province

Partisipatory monitoring and mapping population of the endangered Java Sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora) in the karst area of ​​Gunungkidul district, Yogyakarta Special Province

Education and Conservation of the Lesser adjutant (Leptoptilos javanicus) habitat with the mangrove conservation community in the Rawa Tritih Area, Cilacap Regency.

Support the Jatimulyo region for the development of sustainable tourism village areas of Kulonprogo district, Yogyakarta Special Province

Bird and Habitat Conservation through Sustainable Community Empowerment in the Menoreh landscape, Jatimulyo Village, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta

Cultivation of stingless bees (Trigona sp.) in the mangrove ecosystem, Kutawaru Village, Central Cilacap District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java - Indonesia


Our partners from the community, university and academics, government sector, private sector, and NGOs