Using collaborative and community-based approaches to improve the conservation of mangrove ecosystems Segara Anakan area, Cilacap District, Central Java Province

Segara Anakan and Nusakambangan Island, Cilacap Regency, Central Java has a unique ecological wealth from the mangrove ecosystem to the lowland forests on the island of Nusakambangan. Many important biodiversity protected by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia such as Lesser adjutant, Milky stork, White-bellied sea eagle, Javan hawk-eagle, Javan leopard, Java mouse-deer, and Rhinoceros hornbill exist in this area and play an important role in ecosystem. Unfortunately, hunting, changes in land use, exploitation, and uncontrolled habitat degradation can encourage biodiversity and disrupt ecosystem balance at different levels. In addition to this, the utilization of regional potentials that is not optimal occurs because of the very limited community knowledge and poor management of regional potentials.
Our efforts in maintaining biodiversity in the Segara Anakan and Nusakambangan areas is to use a collaborative and community-based approach to conserve mangrove ecosystems through wise and sustainable use. Our program in this area includes activities to protect mangrove areas, mangrove replanting in damage areas, increasing community capacity regarding the sustainable use of mangroves.


Our partners from the community, university and academics, government sector, private sector, and NGOs