The Conservation of Song Birds around the Merapi Merbabu Manoreh Biosphere Reserve

Mei 2021
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The Menoreh Hills are a part of Biosphere Reserve Merapi Merbabu Menoreh with the landscape is an agroforestry area and habitats for many songbirds,  Zosterops melanurus, Cyornis banyumas, Aethopyga sperata, Rubigula dispar and Alophoixus bres. For example, only in Jatimulyo village can you find at least 99 bird species, or 25% of the bird species in Yogyakarta.

The awareness of the people of Jatimulyo has grown to preserve the diversity of birds in nature and is strengthened by the Village Regulation so that now Jatimulyo is known as a “Desa Ramah Burung” which means bird-friendly village. In many other locations in the Menoreh hills, still a threat of hunting in these villages. Therefore, it is important to encourage other villages in the Menoreh area to follow in the footsteps of Jatimulyo Village to become village conservation.

In this program, we build agreements in a participatory manner in the community and encourage regulations at the grassroots level for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity in the Menoreh landscape area.